The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker is a classical ballet in two acts based on E.T.A Hoffman’s fairytale called “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King” written in 1816.  It was first presented at the Maryinsky Theater in St. Petersburg, Russia on December 17, 1892.  The music was written by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky.  The original choreography was by Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov with scenario by Marius Petipa.


The curtain rises on our story at the home of Doctor and Frau Stahlbaum, who are preparing for their annual Christmas Eve party.  Their children, Clara and Fritz, are looking forward to the party with their friends and cousins.

Act One: Scene one, The Christmas Eve Party 

The drawing room is filled with warmth and merriment.  Father arrives with presents for Clara, Fritz, and Mother.  Older sister Anna arrives from finishing school – happy to be home for the holidays.   There is much excitement as family and friends arrive, the children play and dance, and the adults toast the holiday season. The festivities are in full swing when Herr Drosselmeyer, (Clara’s Godfather), arrives late.  Despite his odd manner and appearance, he is a favorite in the Stahlbaum home since he always brings surprises.  His mysterious and magical tricks fascinate the children.  His presents to the family are mechanical dancing dolls and a large box full of toys for the children: dolls for the girls,  horses and drums for the boys, a sword for Fritz, and for Clara, a most special gift – the Nutcracker.  She is enchanted with his gift and dances happily until the envious Fritz grabs the Nutcracker and accidentally breaks it.  Herr Drosselmeyer steps in to bandage the wounded Nutcracker and Clara’s happiness is restored.  One last dance is performed before the guests slowly depart for home with their tired children.  Clara and Fritz are sleepily led off to bed.

Clara Stahlbaum- Sophia Schepers

Fritz Stahlbaum- Hayden Kennison

Anna Stahlbaum- Kalley Schollmeyer

Frau Stahlbaum- Mayme Young

Herr Stahlbaum- Brian Harper

Parents- Barry Beach, Renee Duenckel, Courtney Siewert, Florent Siewert, Ruth Padilla, Jamie Waier, TBA, TBA

Party Boys- David Siewert, Hadler Siewert, Alfred Johnson, Malachi Johnson, Alex Johnson

Party Girls- Deaven Duemmel, Lucianna Linhardt, Veronika Lyman, Olivia Monnig,  Anna Sanchez, Josie Scheperle

Clara’s Friends- Maryssa Ainsworth, Nicole Dowd

Herr Drosselmeyer- Aaron Gillam

Drosselmeyer’s assistant- David Gillam

Maids- Madelyn Luebbering, Riley Marion

Colombine- Payton Burcham

Harlequin- TBA

Soldier Doll -Ellianna Horn

Special Guest -Holly Gillam

Act One: Scene Two, The Battle

When the household is asleep, the mice come out to play and Herr Drosselmeyer returns to create magic. As the clock strikes midnight, Clara comes downstairs in her nightgown to find her beloved Nutcracker. She is startled by the enormous shadows and the scampering mice.  Drosselmeyer makes the Christmas tree grow taller and transforms the Nutcracker into a life sized doll.  A huge battle between the soldiers and mice is fought.  Just when it looks as though the Nutcracker is doomed to defeat, Clara distracts the Mouse King, and the Nutcracker kills him.  Drosselmeyer and the Nutcracker prince return to lead Clara on an enchanted journey.

Mouse King- Erin Kemna

Nutcracker- Marie Gillam

Small Mice -Serenity Reid, Olivia Sanchez, Rosalee Siewert,  James Prenger, Mikayla Prenger, Violet Pollock, Tristen Shirley, Elizabeth Sullivan, Layla Wingrath

Lead Mouse -Lizzy Schrimpf

Dancing Mice- Josie Hayden, Mara Smith, Paige Loethen, Heslie Higginbotham, Chloe Hoelscher, Addison Scherr, Allysa Scherr, Paige McMahan

Dancing Soldiers -Annika Powers, Reagan O’Mara, Jane Jones, Kaylee Kliethermes, Addison Spratt, Addison Brizendine, Ellie Harris, Ava Kersten

Nutcracker Prince -TBA

Act One: Scene Three, The Land of Snow 

Clara is guided by the Angels to the Land of Snow.  She is sent on her way to the Kingdom of the Sweets as a flurry of snowflakes dance around her.

Angels- Mara Smith, Addison Brizendine, Reagan O’Mara, Addison Scherr, Allysa Scherr, Cecilia Leith, Savannah Sinnett, Jane Jones, Heslie Higginbotham, Bythe Mercer

Littlest Angel -Chloe Loethen

Snow Queen -Sarah Simmons

Coryphee -Audrey Bowman, Nicole Dowd, Jordan Jones, Taylor Winkelman, Libby Hausman, Maryssa Ainsworth,

Corps de ballet- Claire Duenckel, Tayla Hughes, Valerianna Gentzsch, Natalie Ammons, Addison Schroer, Madelyn Leubbering, Riley Marion, Carson Miller, Delaney Sprenger, Kennedy Voss

Snowflakes -Claire Huntley, Elise Martin, Maddox Schrimpf, Sophia Shelton Noblett,


Act Two: The Kingdom of Sweets

Clara arrives at the Kingdom of Sweets and is welcomed by the Sugar Plum Fairy who summons the delicacies of her Kingdom and members of the court from around the world.  There is chocolate from Spain, coffee from Arabia, tea from China, glistening Candy Canes, twirling dancers from Russia, marzipan from Germany, Mother Ginger surprises all with her silly Polichinelle, and the Rose arrives with her waltzing flowers.  The Sugar Plum Fairy performs a beautiful solo before calling her Royal Court together.  As the dancers fade from her Dream, we find Clara asleep in the living room, where her father finds her and takes her back to bed.

Spanish Intro -Lydia Spratt

Spanish Soloist -Valerianna Gentzsch

Corps de ballet -Carson Miller, Madelyn Beach, Delaney Sprenger, Kennedy Voss, Lexi Boyd, Taylor Hovis, Cora Siewert, Katie Smith

Arabian -Libby Hausman and Andrew Dyer; with :Payton Burcham, Jordan Jones, Sarah Simmons, Taylor Winkelman

Chinese Intro- Claire Jones

Chinese Trio -Madelyn Beach, Audrey Bowman, Sophia Bowman

Chinese Parasol Girls -Laney McColluch, Eilee Kempker, Brooke Massman, Annika Powers, Addison Spratt, Blythe Mercer

Candy Cane Soloist -Tayla Hughes

Candy Canes -Lizzie Scott, Ellie Harris, Kaylee Kliethermes, Dwyn Jones, Ava Kersten, Eli Voss

Peppermints -Allison Echelmeyer, Emmie Lyskowski, Claire Cassmeyer, Kayleigh Peters, Madelyn Wood, Maggie Stonner

Bonbons- Isabella Larkins, Lizzy Schrimpf, Josie Hayden, Paige Loethen, Chloe Hoelscher, Paige McMahan, Caroline Harris, Mackenzie Johnson,

Russian Trio -Jordan Jones,  TBA, Taylor Winkelman

Corps de ballet -Katie Smith, Cora Siewert, Taylor Hovis, Lexi Boyd, Hayli Boessen, Kennedy Voss

Marzipan Intro -Norah Wolters

Marzipan Soloist -Ellianna Horn

Corps de ballet -Natalie Ammons, Sophia Bowman, Claire Duenckel, Addison Schroer

Mother Ginger TBA

Polichinelle Intro -Addison O’Mara

Polichinelle -Allison Echelmeyer, Emmie Lyskowski, Claire Cassmeyer, Eli Voss, Hayli Boessen, Kayleigh Peters, Madelyn Wood, Lizzie Scott, Maggie Stonner, Dwyn Jones

Petit Fleurs -Claire Huntley, Elise Martin, Maddie Schrimpf, Sophia Shelton Noblett,

Dew Drop- Erin Kemna

Flower Coryphee -Payton Burcham, Ellianna Horn, Maryssa Ainsworth, Audrey Bowman, Nicole Dowd, Libby Hausman

Corps de ballet -Tayla Hughes, Valerianna Gentsch, Claire Duenckel, Natalie Ammons, Sophia Bowman, Addison Schroer, Carson Miller, Delaney Sprenger, Madelyn Luebbering, Riley Marion

Sugar Plum Fairy -Marie Gillam

Royal Court -Nicole Dowd, Maryssa Ainsworth, Payton Burcham, Sophia Schepers, Delaney Sprenger, Jordan Jones, Tayla Hughes, Libby Hausman, Andrew Dyer, TBA, Ellianna Horn, Marie Gillam, Sarah Simmons, Erin Kemna, Carson Miller, Taylor Winkelman, Audrey Bowman, Madelyn Beach


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