Class Descriptions

Creative Movement: This class is designed to introduce 3-4 year olds to the wonderful world of dance in a disciplined and caring atmosphere.  Using a wide variety of music, song, and movement, we develop large and small motor skills, coordination, and rhythm as we gently stretch and strengthen.

Pre-Ballet/Tap I and II:  Young dancers spend 25-30 minutes carefully learning pre-ballet basic skills, and 20 minutes learning basic tap techniques.  Students benefit from the variety of this class where proper age appropriate skills and technique are learned in a disciplined and caring environment.  Pre-Ballet/Tap I is designed for 4 year olds who have completed a full year of Creative Movement, or 5 year olds beginning class for the first time.  Pre-Ballet/Tap II is a continuation of Pre-Ballet/Tap I for 5 year olds who have completed a full year of class, and new 6 year olds.

Ballet:  Dancers’ Alley offers sound, careful, classical ballet training at all levels by professional adult teachers.  Correct placement will be determined by the teacher.  Placement in teen pointe classes is by recommendation and approval of the ballet director.  Ballet levels 4-8 meet a minimum of 2 times per week. Levels 5-8 are often two year programs.

Tap: Dancers’ Alley offers Tap classes with an emphasis on basic technique, and offering both rhythm and Broadway styles, for all ages at all levels.  Placement in all classes will be determined by the teacher.

Jazz:  Dancers’ Alley jazz classes offer age appropriate musical theatre style jazz technique for younger dancers and classical jazz technique with the latest moves and music for older more advanced students. Correct placement in all classes will be determined by the teacher.

Hip Hop:

The latest urban dance styles to current hip hop music.  At Dancers’ Alley we pride ourselves in appropriate music and moves for all ages.  Hip Hop classes for levels 7 and 8 will meet will be scheduled once a month on Saturdays.

ContemporaryFor intermediate and advanced dancers.  Contemporary is a popular form of dance developed during the mid-20th century that incorporates elements of many dance styles.  A fusion of traditional ballet, jazz, and modern techniques it has become one of the most popular performance genres for formally trained dancers.

Turns, Progressions, Conditioning: 

A jazz technique class that focuses on improving physical strength, flexibility and coordination needed for jazz turns, jumps, leaps, and across the floor combinations.  Students seeking to accelerate learning are encouraged to take this class in addition to their regular jazz class.

Competition and Convention:  

Dancers’ Alley will be attending three competition/conventions this year.   Our competition team will perform at local events and in our matinee recital performances. All team members must attend an audition on Wed. Aug. 17 from 5-6:30 and a choreography clinic August 20-21.  Class/rehearsal will be every Monday evening from 7:30-9:00 and some Saturdays. Interested students should contact Katy Howland for more information.  Registration for competition must be received with fall enrollment registration by Aug. 1.

 “Dance Training is Life Training”

We foster a creative environment where students are encouraged to be themselves, be persistent and

hard-working—and find joy in what they are doing.

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